These words are from the heart of God … for the heart of God.

What are Your Spiritual Gifts

What are your Spiritual Gifts?


• Romans 12:6-8

1 Corinthians 12:8-30

Ephesians 4:11-12

1 Peter 4:11

it speaks of spiritual gifts given by God to individual believers in accordance with his will.


The purpose of these gifts isn’t to help us build our careers and find success.


The gifts are given for one purpose:

“So that the body of Christ [the church] may be built up” (Ephesians 4:12).


Christians are most fulfilled when they’re serving using their spiritual gifts.

When we understand our spiritual gifts, we’re better able to understand ourselves and how God has uniquely empowered us.

How do we determine our spiritual gifts?

The best way to find your gifts is to serve and see what God blesses.

Before beginning this evaluation, pray that the Holy Spirit will guide and make you aware of your God-given gifts.

The Checklist Approach:

Look over the following list. Put a check next to those that seem to describe you.

____ Administration

____ Apostleship

____ Craftsmanship

____ Creative Communication

____ Discernment

____ Encouragement

____ Evangelism

____ Faith

____ Giving

____ Helps

____ Hospitality

____ Intercession

____ Knowledge

____ Leadership

____ Mercy

____ Prophecy

____ Shepherding

____ Teaching

____ Wisdom

____ Healing*

____ Interpretation*

____ Miracles*

____ Tongues*

____ Counseling**

____ Celibacy**

____ Serving**

____ Music**


Next go back over the items you have checked and give each a number:


1 if this is very strong in your life and descriptive of you;

2 if this is somewhat strong and descriptive of you;

3 if this is one of the least descriptive of the items you checked.


Then ask three people who know you well to do the same.

List the items that were ranked number 1 on all the lists.

Probably these are your spiritual gifts.


*These gifts are not included in some lists because they are more easily identified.

**These gifts are not listed in Scripture but are identified by some Christians as spiritual gifts.